deluxe ufo tour company


published by:  desert wells publishing

“Very funny book! I died laughing!” Eddie Jacobs, deceased.

Laid off, divorced and broke in Detroit, Stan Thompson heads for Phoenix to look for a job. Not being a detail man, he didn’t check the job market in Arizona before he left. Unable to find a job there, in desperation he purchased the bankrupt Deluxe UFO Tour Company, a business that provides tours of alleged UFO landing sites. Predictably, he also didn’t inquire about the details of the business nor the strange town of Empyrean, Arizona where he would move. Lots of tourists visit Empyrean because it claims it is the “Home of the Most UFO Landing Sites on Earth.” However, no one in town has ever actually seen a UFO.

Stan must not only deal with that obstacle, but also the very odd inhabitants of Empyrean, Arizona.

“A comical and happy ride!” 

Published by:   Desert Wells Publishing